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David Griffiths
Started by David Griffiths on
14 Apr 2013 at 14:36
Founder, K3-Cubed LtD
Know-how: Business Development

I received an email this morning, letting me know that I had been mentioned as one of “the top 1oo names to know in KM” (2013 Top 11 Influencers in KM) in a report produced by MindTouch. MindTouch are a US based company and it is always nice to be recognised -  being ranked 29th and making the top 30 – thank you to all who follow me!

Rankings such as these are always open to question; for example, I am not sure how people who have been published in Harvard Business Review and regularly get mentioned in main stream media (having influence through the teaching of their work in Universities through to the majority of the field adopting their thinking) are not ranked higher, which therefore impacts the credibility of the ranking, but it is still an incredible collection of thought leaders and knowledge catalysts.

The lists contains many people I regard as friends and it is good to see the people who work hard for this field getting the recognition they deserve. Regardless of anything else, I am flattered to be mentioned alongside these names and I hope you will take the time to explore their work.  Also, a special mention to Stuart French (Rank 17 in the 100 names to know in KM – @deltaknowledge), and @MarkGould13 (ranked 46) thank you for your kind words and support, it is good to see your efforts as catalysts for this field being recognised!

Twitter Handle







1 weknowmore


Knowledge management and social media for individuals, networks and organizations #education #KM #training #e20 NL


2 DavidGurteen

David Gurteen

Knowledge Management consultant, speaker and facilitator. Founder of the Gurteen Knowledge Community and Gurteen Knowledge Cafes. iPhone: +44 7774 178 650 #KM



3 snowded

Dave Snowden

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge


4 stangarfield

Stan Garfield

Knowledge manager, communities of practice evangelist, community facilitator, social business practitioner, writer, presenter, and leader

5 NancyWhite

Nancy White

chocoholic, online facilitator, learner, visual thinker.  Co-author Digital Habitats:stewarding technology for communities



6 VMaryAbraham


Blogger, Knowledge Management Consultant, Corporate Lawyer, Workshop/Meeting Facilitator, Strategic Conversations Coach, Social Media Enthusiast.


7 jackvinson

Jack Vinson

Theory of Constraints and Knowledge Management. Also: cycling, personal effectiveness, books, wife & kids (two boys), Boston.


8 euan

Euan Semple

Helping people understand the web/Author of Organizations Don’t Tweet People Do



9 4KM

Alice MacGillivray

Inspired by natural systems, I work with leadership, knowledge & complexity. PhD in systems. Health entrepreneur and Fjord horse owner. Art by Amy Lenzo.



10 knowledgetank


Feeding the best knowledge management blogs to Twitter. Served by @weknowmore #KM #KMers



11 ithorpe

Ian Thorpe

Knowledge manager, international development worker, suburban dad.  Tweets represent my views, not my organization’s etc.

12 RichardHare

Richard Hare

Intranet Troubleshooter Richard Hare fixes broken intranets: knowledge management, social media, internal communications – and acts in his spare time


13 WestPeter

Peter West

Newly-published, subscription & fee-based scholarly articles, books, etc. of interest to knowledge workers (#KM). Free articles *echoed* to @WestPeter_Free


14 gaurisalokhe

Gauri Salokhe

IKM Officer @ #UNFAO, Social media, communications, organizational skills dev, food security, hunger, environment, green issues etc. Thoughts R my own!


15 chris_collison

Chris Collison

Author, Advisor, Consultant, Coach in Knowledge Management (#km) and Organisational learning


16 kmerschat

#KMers Chat organizes weekly Twitter chats for knowledge professionals by using the #KMers hashtag. Would you like to contribute? Get involved



17 DeltaKnowledge

Stuart French

Focus: Knowledge Management & Wikis – enjoys Blogging, Ice Hockey, Go, Guitar, Photography, Watercolor Painting. Public speaker.


18 KMAustralia

KM Australia

KM AND COLLABORATION AUSTRALIADrawing on the input of knowledge management communities and industry experts


19 johnt

John Tropea

Collaboration Lead…and interested in all the c words – collaboration, coordination, cooperation, complexity, community, communication…


20 KMWorldMagazine

KMWorld Magazine

Covering the latest in Content, Document and Knowledge Management.



21 cdn

Christian DE NEEF

Seasoned consultant. No dogmas. No preconceptions. No schools. Working at the crossroads of innovation management, knowledge management & learning organizations



22 MarioSoavi

Mario Soavi

#KM #semantic #communication #trend #advertising #marketing



23 ewenlb


Learning, KM, innovation, comms, M&E for social change and empowerment is my work. ‘Fun, focus & feedback’ my mantra. +friends+family+music+food+sport my life.


24 kmasiapacific

KM Asia

KM Asia – over 10 years of running knowledge management events.



25 stephendale

Steve Dale

Learning about life and a life-long learner. Willing to pass on what I find out – even the useful stuff!


26 km4dev


Knowledge Management for Development (KM4Dev) is a global Community of Practice that learns and shares on the same.



27 etiennewenger

Etienne Wenger


28 klowey22

John Hovell

Practitioner, speaker, and writer in knowledge management strategy and methods.

29 KMskunkworks

David Griffiths

PhD (Edin) Founder K3-Cubed Ltd – Org. Complexity, resilience, KM and HR speaker, educator and consultant


30 nickknoco

Nick Milton

Knowledge Management guide and coach, trainer and service provider, with more than 19 years experience. Director and founder of Knoco Ltd.


31 JeanneHolm

Jeanne Holm

Evangelist,; Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA/JPL; UCLA Teacher and Alum



32 KnowledgeBoss

Managing Knowledge?

Sharing knowledge and collaborating? Get news from the Boss. Learn more here





33 StrategicKM

Knowledge Management

Knowledge, KM, Strategic KM, Knowledge Creation Process, KM programmes, Creativity & Innovation.

34 driessen

Samuel Driessen

Senior Consultant at Entopic. Interests: enterprise 2.0, social business, knowledge management, social media, intranet, communities, change, innovation, ideas


35 BarbaraFillip

Barbara Fillip

Interested in knowledge management, learning (organizational, e-Learning, etc..) international development, aerospace, fiction writing, and film music. (en, fr)


36 panklam

Patti Anklam

Networks, complexity, relatedness/it’s all Net Work


37 LawyerKM

Patrick DiDomenico

Director of Knowledge Management at @OgletreeDeakins, Lawyer, KM, Social Media, Apple, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu





One of the world√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s leading proponents of knowledge management, benchmarking, and best practice business research.  Make best practices your practices.



39 rsamii

Roxanna Samii

Development worker, KM practitioner, social media strategist, interested in  potential of mobile telephony and how web2.0 tools can help eradicate poverty


40 carlfrappaolo


KM, BPM, ECM practitioner and zealot


41 nancymdixon


I focus on the human side of knowledge management


42 Metaphorage

Arthur Shelley

Educator, Author, Speaker: Metaphor tools for behavioural environment development, Projects, Mentoring, Leadership, Performance.Meta (above), forage (seek)


43 mathemagenic

Lilia Efimova

Researcher/practitioner: changing workplace and social media. Mother of two kids: value of attachment and non-standard educational options. Learning to balance.


44 johanlammers

Johan Lammers

Music Maker, Knowledge Management Proclaimer, Organizational Psychologist, Social Media Trainer, Idea Generator and Overall Enthusiast



45 JBordeaux

John Bordeaux

Grandfather, veteran, consultant.  Most interested in issues of organizational knowledge design for the public sector.  Views not those of my employer.



46 markgould13

Mark Gould

Committed to exploring and sharing interesting stuff about law, knowledge, design, music, life, technology, und so weiter…



47 swanwick

Robert Swanwick

Focused on innovation and online collaboration. Founder of twebevent and #KMers


48 Collaboratrix


Entrepreneur | Social Business & KM | SharePoint Analyst | Writer | Photographer & Eternal Dreamer


49 jmcgee

Jim McGee

Helping organizations make better use of technology


50 kmjuggler

Frank Leistner

5-Ball juggling CKO – passionate about knowledge flows



51 jeffhester

Jeff Hester

Champion for KM & social media, online community curator, husband, dad, grandfather, friend, hiker, MTBer, backpacker, dog walker, and damn good listener.



52 ckreutz

Christian Kreutz

Entrepreneur and open knowledge advocate. Exploring the potentials for social innovation through collaboration.  @ffminfo @okfde @ict4d


l53 ehawes

Larry Hawes

Observer. Thinker. Writer. Advisor. Principal and Founder of @DowBrook. @GigaOMPro analyst. @Forbes contributor.



54 KnowledgeBoard


If you’re interested in knowledge management, KnowledgeBoard is interested in you! It would be great if you could stop by.


55 kdelarue

Keith De La Rue

AcKnowledge Consulting – acting on knowledge, communication and learning. Facilitation, Education, Public Speaking. Opinions expressed are mine alone.



56 KMHobbie

David Hobbie

litigation knowledge management attorney, husband and Dad, violinist and violist; also manage blog at


57 roanyong

Roan Yong

Innovation, KM, and Social Collaboration Consultant & Design Thinker. I’m the author of Social Collaboration.



58 MadanRao

Madanmohan Rao

Author and consultant in knowledge management, ICT4D, innovation, new media; world music editor and DJ



59 collabguy

Michael Sampson

Making Collaboration Work – culture, governance, adoption.


60 chieftech


I’m a consultant with Ripple Effect Group (was Headshift). Trying to design better applied technology. Not always serious on Twitter :-)



61 KMeducation

KMedu Hub

Find and promote Knowledge Management education & training worldwide | Mod.: Boris Jaeger (@borisj, @jaegerWM) | hashtag: #KMedu


62 corza

Cory Banks

Collaboration Catalyst | Problem Solver | Change Agent | Social Business Activist | Innovation AdvocateMy personal views. RT ≠ Endorsement



63 glambert

Greg Lambert

Law Librarian (BigLaw), Blogger,, Competitive Intelligence, Social Media, Knowledge Management (KM), Speaker, not Adam (sorry)


64 nimmypal


Knowledge Seeker. Books. Flora & Fauna. Animation & Cartoons. Music. Silence. Humor. Words. Writing. Creativity. Entrepreneurship. Spirituality. Wodehouse. C&H.


65 JohnGirard

John Girard, Ph.D.

Keynote Speaker, Author, Professor. Download our free #KM #Technology #Leadership #Culture iPad book Leading Knowledge



66 mneff


Innovation, Knowledge Management, Organizational Change, Authentic Leadership, Learning, Connecting People





67 s2d_jamesr

James Robertson

Author of Designing intranets: creating sites that work and What every intranet team should know. Intranet and CMS guru, owner of Step Two Designs.


68 GurteenNews


GurteenNews is a Twitter newsfeed that informs you of new resources and updates posted on Gurteen Knowledge.



69 ronyoung

ron young

Knowledge Management and Innovation consultant, conference speaker, lecturer, writer

70 roojwright

Andrew Wright

End user intranet benchmarking, intranets, SharePoint, manages the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC)


71 neridahart


Information and knowledge management specialist who is passionate about empowering people and sustainable agriculture – and also an alpaca breeder (suris)


72 engin_eer

Matt Moore

I failed the Turing Test





73 rickladd

Rick Ladd

Professional Eclectic – Talented, experienced businessman offering varied skills for hire. Jack of all Trades, master of some. Iconoclast, boat rocker. Dad.


74 jschunter


KM Specialist at @UNDP interested in knowledge management (#KM), #development cooperation, organizational change, #ICT4D, #socialmedia and enterprise 2.0



75 sagenet

Jenny Ambrozek


76 michellelamb


Change & Knowledge Sharing practitioner – Facilitator of KMRt, into all things KM, Change, collaboration and Web 2.0, learning from others sharing with all


77 kcbower

Kate Bower

Change management consultant, knowledge management & social media enthusiast.


78 juneholley

june holley

Network Weaver,


79 ictkm


Collaborate, Create, Communicate – a unit of the CGIAR



80 JoeRaimondo

Joe Raimondo

Principal & Executive Strategist at Ontologique; focus on making sense of the emerging world of semantic awareness. Founding Principal: The Infotention Network.


81 vanderwal

Thomas Vander Wal

I work at the intersection of social interaction design (SxD) & Enterprise 2.0 (a block from Web 2.0) – Work-ish account @infocloud. Open @openvanderwal


82 tomknoco

Tom Young

one of the world’s most experienced knowledge management practitioners



83 BestKMresearch

Best KM Research

Academic research findings about Knowledge Management and best practices for workplace collaboration, innovation and efficiency.





84 rsims

Ray Sims

Senior knowledge management professional supporting tech, media and telecom industries. Outdoor adventurer. Aspiring dad, husband, social activist and Buddhist.





85 borisj

Boris Jaeger

Knowledge Management & Social Media consultant #jaegerWM | SmartPeople magazine #SPmag | KM Education Hub #KMedu | Jäger-Mei(st)er-Fete #jmf



86 carge77

Seth Cargiuolo

By night, Deep Thinker & Writer-In-Chief @ By day, CKO & Digital Strategy Guy at The Saint Consulting Group.  All content my own.



87 deb_lavoy

deb louison lavoy

Reinvention of Marketing and Work. Be clear, be excellent, be kind.


88 dineshtantri

dinesh tantri

Practice Lead – Social Collaboration at ThoughtWorks – Intensely passionate about the impact of social technologies on enterprises and education.


89 AppliedWisdom

Cheryl Cooper

Global Knowledge Sharing Ninja. Ex-CKO.  Team Leadership Trainer. Executive Coach. Expert Facilitator of  Innovation  #SocEnt  & #KM fan


90 KM_Forum

Knowledge Management

KM Forum – Knowledge Management Forum |Join KM:


91 MPuzzlePiece

Stephanie Barnes

KM Consultant & I co-facilitate Knowledge Workers Toronto also check out

92 knowledgEnabler

Joris Claeys

# Econologics | Extended ENTERPRISE Econological SUSTAINABLE ValueChain SOLUTIONS – Corporate & Public SUSTAINABILITY – Resilience Coaching || WE are Unlimited!


93 trib

Stephen Collins

Thinker, doer, iconoclast, professional loudmouth. Runs @acidlabs, Creative Catalyst for @TEDxCanberra. Husband. Dad. CrossFitter. Rugby tragic. WoWer.



94 joitske


I tweet about social learning, workplacelearning, communities, innovation. I am fascinated by the way social media supports learning – Dutch and English tweets



95 mrjcleaver

Martin Cleaver

Wiki, Distributed Collaboration, Atlassian Partner; 2010 Industry Chair for WikiSym conference. MSc Comp Sci & MBA. Co-runs;



96 JeffMerrell

Jeff Merrell

Lecturer learning & organizational change at Northwestern Univ. @NU_MSLOC, ed tech & KM enthusiast, exploring digital collaboration for social benefit


97 md_santo

Md Santo

Knowledge Management – Complexity Theory – Philosophy of Science – Theoretical Physics – Organizational Learning – Higher Education – Nature Knowledge Theory


98 KnowledgePad

Alan O’Neill

Passionate about Sharing Knowledge.

99 Inmagic


Helping organizations leverage their information and knowledge assets



100 rdatta

Raj Datta

love the intersection of technology, business, people, knowledge; Into collaboration, innovation, e2.0, social networks, communities;

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