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Become an effective team leader by investing on your company's knowledge assets

Joanna  Dourou
Started by Joanna Dourou on
21 Mar 2013 at 07:51
Education Manager, K3-Cubed Ltd.
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Whether you are a team leader or a team manager, your team should be your priority. Is there a team to lead or manage, though? How do you build an effective, high-performing team? What should this team mean to your company? If you are not able to define the goal and scope of activities of your team, then how do you consider your team as important for the company?

Team leaders or managers should be firstly able to identify the number of employees working for the “x” team, the commitment of members to the overall objectives, the involvement and engagement of the team members to the goal of the team. They should also be capable of understanding the ability of each member to communicate with his/her colleagues, but also properly use his/her skills, attributes, knowledge and experience for the team’s profit.

A team work is supposed to be beneficial for an organisation and this is the main reason for which a team should be shaped in a way that facilitates and eases the overall corporate targets. You can realize that you are an effective team leader if the team members are clear about their tasks and responsibilities, they maintain enhanced, high-scale communication and interaction with their peers and managers and provide their superiors with accurate  feedback, in a timely manner, in order to support their efforts.

You can also check whether you are an effective team leader or not, by measuring the risks that your employees are taking, the ideas they share with each other, the innovation and creativity abilities that are apparent in your team. The workforce that is about to remain loyal to a company for a longer period of time and invest its knowledge, time, experiences and effort on its roles, is the one that will feel supported by managers, senior professionals, leaders and directors. It’s the workforce that will be given the motivation to share ideas (whether they will prove helpful or not for the company) and will have the chance to use its creativity to generate new thoughts. A motivated, supported, trusted and respected workforce is much more likely to work more effectively, to produce better results and provide a company with the most valuable competitive advantage, a knowledge asset of high standards.

After all, it’s never too late to start interacting with your team, once you are clear about your vision for its members, and engage them in highly-worthy processes or important projects. You can start investing more on promoting knowledge creation and knowledge sharing and it will pay off sooner than you might believe.

Joanna Dourou

Education Manager

K3-Cubed Ltd.

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