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And…Action! How to develop organisational knowledge resources

David Griffiths
Started by David Griffiths on
26 Feb 2013 at 04:01
Founder, K3-Cubed LtD
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I’ve been talking lately about individual/collective competency building and the challenge becomes, how to develop competencies through day-to-day, on-the-job learning.  More than this, it is bout the ongoing learning and development of organisational knowledge resources. For me the solution is actually quite simple, illustrated through two models.

First is the Reg Revans Action Learning model, the steps to which are constructed around adult learning theory (see Kolbs experiential learning model).  I have then placed the Action Learning cycle against Palchinsky’s Principles, which I believe, as a philosophy, underpin modern day resilience thinking for a knowledge-based economy.

The whole approach is supported by our take on the manner in which work is conducted by people in the complex domain (influenced by David Snowden’s approach within the complex domain of the Cynefin framework (Probe-Sense-Respond)) – all linked to problem-solving, decision-making and human agency.  Again, this is informed by adult learning theory and the work of Kolb, where the focus is on first ‘Sensing’ a problem, then ‘Probing the environment’, before ‘Reflecting’ and ‘Responding’ (more on this can be found in my earlier blog on the topic).

Linking this to resilience and Knowledge Management practice, the challenge is to first scale and swarm relevant knowledge, skills and experience around emergent challenges (forming groups of up to 8-10 max).  From there, it is about exchange and mentoring (on-the-job learning), which, in the best spirit of Action Learning, is best facilitated by an external.

More on this, as well as the methods we use, is available in our private professional development space - contact David ( for more information.

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