About us

What we do...

We solve problems.  We work to enable organisations to accelerate away from inertia and take action.

We get to know you and your challenges.  We work with you to manage complexity and craft a dynamic, agile and resilient future​

Knowledge, skills, behaviours and expertise are the currency of today's resilient organisations, we show you how to harness these resources.

How you identify, develop, share, protect and risk assess what you know is key to your decision-making and problem solving capability (resilience), we analyse your systems and processes to ensure they are optimised for success.


We use our K-Core method, built upon award winning research, to develop an evidence base that enables you to enhance your decision-making, problem-solving, innovation, threat assessment and strategic/operational planning processes.

We show you how to better understand your organisation, your environment, your people and how to design agile and resilient processes to bind the three together.

We enlighten through foresight. We help navigate you towards resilience.  We solve today's pain points and work to help you take preventative action for the future.

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